About the Artist

Seth uses acrylic paints and mediums to achieve the effect of layers, vibrant color, and high energy. His works feature an emotional translation through the use of bold movement, harmony, and cool atmospheric colors. Figures and subjects of spontaneous expression that tell a story. A story that matures with each stroke of his brush into a complete expression.

Comfortable exploring all sides of his subject, and imbuing the composition with subtle hints of unexplored intensity. Capturing the mood with light and atmospheric color, transmitting emotion contained in the subject, something which can be felt, something alluring, sometimes dark yet beautiful. Careful study of the way light alters everything it touches brings focus to the splendid negligence of the material while deliberate textures and abstraction complete each masterwork with the fine detail of realism and beauty.

Cityscapes and the female figure are most often the central subject of Seth’s work, he uses intense melancholy beauty and urban inspiration. He has a particular affection for San Francisco, East Coast US, Italy, Paris and other unique places in the world. His style combines abstract elements with realism, drawing attention to the feelings of life as seen through his eyes.



Instagram: @sethcouture