Colors of Don Quixote, Svetlana as Kitri
Summer of Sea Island, Georgia
Sia's Sanctuary
La Esmeralda
Ulanova's Tutu
Ballerina Movement Study No 4
My Silk Handkerchief
Melodies and Memories
Katerina's Tutu
Sunrise Over Lupita
The Lily Pond
Nude Study in Crimson
Flowers for Rosemary
Portrait of Emeline
Heart of Forgotten Blue
Portrait of Adalind
Renaissance Room
She Dances From Red
Vanity Mirror and Nadia
The Blue Brightness
Next to Nothing
Her Peaceful Place
In Lonely Light
Portrait of Adela
Step to the Light
Portrait of Svetlana
Moods of Electric Blue
Complementary Colors
Portrait of Fatima
Captured by Lamplight
Portrait of Dorsa
Paris Opera
Athena's Summer
Eliana by the Bay
Portrait of Camellia
Tanaquil's Melody
Shadow of Silvie
Myrtle Beach Sundress
Frederique, Nude
Portrait of Dahlia
Eleanor and the Window
Nephele before the Bookcase
Sunlight for Charisse
Aurelie in Repose
Pirouettes over Paris on the Prairie
Remembering Giselle
Juliette, the Ballerina
Nothing Is Forgotten Under the Red Maple
While She Sleeps
Shakespeare by the Rose Garden
Anastasia's Tutu
Cats in the Cradle
The Black Swan
Amethyst Promises
Elena, the Wanderer
Just this One Day
Passing Seasons at the Marina
Mississippi Starlight
Getting Brighter Still
My Dancing Shoes
Wandering in Water
Escaping Constellations
Josephine Written in Lace
Ophaline in Solstice
Somewhere Else
Collecting Light
Blue Fabric
Rose Hijab
Folding Breath
Bold Memories
Rosalie in White Dress
Morning Repose
Blue Magnolia
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